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Software Testing – QA

There are no shortcuts to success. Any product needs to work perfectly, efficiently and consistently if it is to succeed. The key to do so is to maintain quality at the highest standards because ‘good enough’ is just not good enough.
At SoAppMedia we help you realize that goal by taking care of the tedious Software Testing – QA (Quality Assurance) processes. Our team of top-tier testers will assess your product through a multitude of rigorous, purpose-built processes. We will identify even the most elusive bugs and resolve them so you can present a flawless product.

 Software Testing - QA - Dallas

Every time software code is modified, it has to be tested manually to ensure quality. With increasing codebase and added functionality, manual testing turns laborious, inefficient and costly. Automation testing helps automate highly repetitive test cases to provide testing .
Soappmedia - Software Testing - QA DallasFUNCTIONAL TESTING
Functional testing is a pivotal element for strengthening the quality of developed software. Functional testing basically refers to the black box testing that evaluate a particular IT product with reference to the functional requirements indicated with its specification.
Soappmedia - Software Testing - QA PERFORMANCE TESTING
Often times, great apps fall victim to their own success. If 20,000 concurrent users suddenly start accessing an app, it can bring even the best apps to its knees. Performance testing helps to find out the bottlenecks impacting the quality and the caliber of an IT system to perform under heavy loads.


Soappmedia - software testing - qa - dallasRESPONSIVE TESTING
With technology constantly changing and evolving, it is important to check-up on your responsive design at least quarterly. This gives you an opportunity to identify if there are any responsive issues with your website and make any necessary updates.
Soappmedia - software testing - qa - dallasUSABILITY TESTING
Usability Testing generally includes testing user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). One is about testing your Graphical User Interface and how it looks & behaves, while the other focuses on user experience and user behavior.
Soappmedia - software testing - qa - dallasPLATFORM COMPATIBILITY TESTING
Technology advancements and emerging platforms in web & mobile space have created a nightmare for software development teams. Issues arise primarily due to lack of experience and unavailability of test environments.

Soappmedia - software testing - qa - dallasMOBILE APP TESTING
70% of the world’s population has access to mobile devices, and smartphone adoption is at its peak. Considering this, mobile apps are becoming increasingly popular, and a staple to more & more business solutions. It’s vital to manage & ensure performance of your app across multiple operating system, device models and platforms.
Soappmedia - software testing - qa - dallasWEB APPLICATION TESTING
An average web application today encounters more browsers than ever before and is expected to deliver a smooth user experience across all of them. The challenge is that your app should be compatible with all browsers, working across different operating systems, while being accessed by users around the planet.
 Soappmedia - software testing - qa - dallasENTERPRISE APP TESTING
Enterprise desktop solutions require an altogether different approach as they are usually mission critical. With extensive user base using different modules in real time, it’s important to understand the user acceptance, performance and security of such applications apart from functionality.


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