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Android Application Development

Android Application Development

Our android application development team can build the mobile app required to transform your business.We will be your partner for turning great business ideas into an excellent and brand- focused user experience mobile application. SoAppMedia is a leading company in building IOS and android mobile apps.

Android is one of the fastest growing operating systems in the market place and with this growing reach and popularity – it demands an Android version of your mobile application if you want your business to reach about half of the global users.

Android Application Development

Game Development

Are you up to shaking the game market and on to something as addictive engaging as angry bird. Our Team will help you marvel your users.

Business App Development

Enterprise mobility is ready the new reality for business. SoAppMedia is an idea match to drive your Android business plan and get the great android effect in co operate environment.

Social App Development

Social is here to stay! SoAppMedia knows how to interest and buzz around your business with a social-centric Android Mobile Application.



Mobile & Tablet Solution

Productivity App Development

Android users love its productivity and versatility. They can rest being equipped with handy android solution. We ready to make your productivity application happen!

Development for mCommerce and Liesure

Shoppers hunt for bargains even as they browse brick-and-mortar stores. Smartphone often serve as a good guide for leisure plans as well. Make the most of mCommerce and leisure opportunity with SoAppMedia Android Application developers!


Our mobile application development team has proven track record for any great idea that you may have for an app

 Android application development in the Spotlight

Device fragmentation

Our in depth developer expertise will help you use the lion share of business opportunity offered by android platform.

Exceptional level of customization

Android development is free from dogmas and over bearing standard. Its gives cart blanche both to its users and android app developers.

Open Source

Google has given android app developers freedom to go to town on ideas and build mobile and tablet apps just in a accordance with their view and feelings.

Greate support for content – consumption

Android make its way in a bunch of content -oriented devices , designed specially to promote content consumption.


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SoAppMedia is a website and mobile app development company in Dallas, Texas. We provide start-up, agencies and entrepreneur with website, iPhone and Android application development services. Our multi-step process allows us to create stunning web and mobile applications that are engaging and are targeted to your expressed and unexpressed business goals